Ultra Premium Vodka Distilled & Filtered 6 times from all natural ingredients for its signature smooth taste.  Distilled in Jacksonville, Florida. BlackStorm Ultra-Premium Vodka serves up a hand crafted, small batch product made from the finest American corn Made purposely to take your celebration, evening, or simply that next sip to a completely higher level.

Lakesha Foreman is the founder and owner of The BlackStorm Brand, based in Norwalk California. She has been making her own moves when it comes to entrepreneurship in this business since 2003. With a relentless, yet grounded, commitment to excellence, she has a firm understanding of what the individuals desires and strives to provide the highest quality vodka.

The BlackStorm Brand locally serves Southern California, as well as connects with customers across the state and country. With over ten thousand successful orders, BlackStorm Brand is growing every day.

Bringing The Storm To Any Occasion